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Problem is the plastic flex plate doesn't extent towards the front of the boot far enough. Just as crazy to me, is that the Axl made it through the prototype stage, full production and release, and is still praised overwhelmingly, despite a massive vulnerability. 22 Designs Axl/Vice Stiffy Spring Kit - For Size Large. Madshus Eon or Epoch skis ( easy touring skis that can turn) I am considering Voile Switchbacks, G3 Targa Ascent, or Design 22 Axl bindings? Now on the same skis that I love but with the Hammerhwads on them I hate the position I feel my knees in when skiing. It's also very adjustable in how active it is by simply moving a pin. they are the best downhill telemark bindings ever made. Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the leading cause of dementia, is a chronic neurodegenerative disease. | 22 Designs AXL/Vice Rear Cable and Adjustment Coils $10.95 USD. 1 color available. The touring capability is awesome and a real pleasure to use, it would be nice to have two sizes of climbing bails, however this did not really bother me in use. I have been skiing telemark for almose 30 years(! Passwords are case-sensitive, must be at least 8 characters in length, and must contain at least one special character. Any thoughts about the 3 different settings on the Axls? I like this more than the Voile Switchback X2s, however, that's also because I'm really aggressive. Can't use the Axl. I couldn't find any info on 22 Designs' website. Would rather error on too much binding that will not break and last for 10 yrs.! If I want an active free-pivoting binding, is this the way to go? Possibly your binders arent the correct size for your boot? Smoothest power transfer and an active setting for everyone's style. I suggest rubbing a little wax on it to help minimize ice buildup. Talk to our Gearheads 24/7 about your needs. AXL GUITARS with a variety of designs and reasonable prices. Super solid feeling and buttery, round, progressive flex. Skis and bindings in great shape, little use (too much ski for me). Haven't heard of this happening to boots since we updated the flex plate, unless your flex plate is not installed correctly? If you have any questions or need service please contact us: info@twentytwodesigns.com (208) 538-0084 or (866) 733-0553 toll free Riser height: 1.1" or 28mm at rear, with a 2 degree ramp. 1 color available. The 22 design guys weren't much help. Bootfitting is your answer. Sold Out. ), and have enjoyed going bigger with the gear, but axls with pin up front is as far as this old school girl can go. ... Axl Ski Crampon Extra Mount Blocks (0) Your Price: $25.00 In Stock . Axl, 22 Designs telemark touring binding, will be unveiled to the world next week at the Outdoor Retailer show. Black Diamond O3 MidStiff Small - Used. Black Diamond O2 MidStiff Small- Used. Snap into the Twenty-Two Designs Axl Bindings and carve with confidence at the resort and in the backcountry. The rifle performed well … K2 Heli Stinx 185cm Telemark Skis w/G3 Cable bindings . Home / Used Telemark Skis / 176 cm Salomon MTN LAB W/ 22 Designs Large AXL (Used) Freeheel Life Telemark Shop 176 cm Salomon MTN LAB W/ 22 Designs Large AXL (Used) $540.00 USD. ), and I am so happy that I went with these bindings. or Best Offer. Although a little heavier than other telemark touring bindings, the Axls are the most durable, stable binding out there for backcountry enthusiasts plus they can drive any size ski. * Please be aware that ski mounting will add up to 5-7 business days to your shipping time. 30 years. ? I've had some great times touring with it. Aspect. They are absolutely worth the extra $$! Solo from Redding,Ca. Were first … They’ve got your back from deep powder to the crunchiest of snow at the base. Sold Out. I'm limited in my use on these bindings but am crossing my fingers they I will have better luck then those listed below. The solid stainless steel toe-piece mounts directly to the ski while durable chrome die springs provide over two inches of powerful travel. Winter Gear Guide—Find the Best Boards, Skis & Gear of the Year. (standard size & tall size), I am looking for a great binding that will fit a pair of old school Aslo Extremes...Looking for advice, How stiff are your boots? Yes, it does take more force to flex forward, but that is what you want. :). I also think these bindings are pretty easy to mount, and the 6 hole mounting pattern is nice for having a solid mount to the ski (haven't had the bindings tear out either). Stories from real people who are blending the outdoors with the everyday, the latest information about gear we love, advice to get you into a new activity or take your passion to the next level, and trip reports to help you plan your next adventure. Condition. About this item. I give in 5 stars If I would like to use a size 25 boot and a size 26 boot on the same binding, which binding do you recommend (small or large)? Such a design can keep the wheel positions steady under heavy stress, and can therefore support heavy loads. The Axl skis like the HammerHead, but with an easy to deploy free-pivot mode for touring. Axl telemark backcountry skiing binding. Just had a ZEN day on a loaner NTN, lifechanging, so perhaps I should really be thanking 22D. These were my second pair of telemark bindings, but I see no reason why you couldn't use these as a starter binding. Add Your Review. I ski BD Verdicts with T2 boots and while the boots are probably a little soft for this set up, they worked great. Hi right now I have the BD o3 and just hate them and trying to deside between the NTN freedoms and some 22 designs. View cart and check out. $399.95 . Boots are crazy expensive, and the T1 Race is shot after only two (well, one and a half) seasons. Free shipping. 22 Designs Axl Ski Crampon One Color, S. $67.95 $ 67. Used these extensively for several seasons in and out of the resort. From the 3 pin holes forward the rubber was destroyed on both boots by the plastic foot plate underneath........twice!!! Man up! Climbing bails available in 3 sizes, standard bail included. Lake Placid Blue and Red Tortoiseshell P.G. It's nice to easily adjust how active they are, easy to adjust for different boot sizes, and switch from tour to ski mode. 61% Off . Two spring-loaded clim No. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. The long awaited free pivot binding from TwentyTwo Designs! The spring-loaded HammerHeel is the easiest to use climber available; Flip it up or down with your ski pole. He is happy with them after a few uses. Weight: 3.9 lbs per large pair, 3.7 lbs for small. (Posted on 2/21/2013), 37 Church Street, Burlington, VT But reading some of these reviews makes me want to try out the Voile Switchback X2s. Double Up Heels (0) Your Price: $35.00 In Stock . It would be much easier if 22 Designs would list BSL instead of mondo size on its sizing guide. I would prefer the Voile's more if I wanted a softer binding. $68.00. Ski Dimensions: 134-102-121. $115.00. Just try it, and be more aggressive, and I'll bet you'll learn to love them! The springs hold the heal down firm on the ski when doing airs and on ruff landings. I have it set up for backcountry and resort because I know it will preform. Save 22 designs axl to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Optimize your bindings for your skiing style and snow … I do some yo-yo out of bounds (typically boot-pack hikes) with roughly 6 days of true touring-for-turns in a season. Dysregulation of the AXL receptor tyrosine kinase has been associated with many types of cancer. Unisex. When it comes to heavy metal rocking with a free heel there is no more powerful binding on planet tele than 22 Designs Axl. Does this binding come with climbing bars for touring? The touring mode works great. Available today 9:00 am - 6:00 pm eastern. 22 Designs Vice Large - USED. I get the heel rub on both of these positions though but I get more control ... any suggestions? 4 4 out of 5 stars from 11 reviews 5 11. The Imperial Japanese Army was quick to recognize that the design of even the improved Type 22 version of the Murata rifle had many technical issues and flaws. Optimize your bindings for your skiing style and snow conditions. :-(. Weak engineers must be the conclusion, as this binding is exactly like a great puzzle that comes with one piece missing . I have them mounted on a pair of Icelantic Seekers and I ski with a Scarpa T2 Boot for reference. The axis of rotation fixed by the axle is common to both wheels. Type. 22 Designs Axl Large - Used The 22 Designs AXL Telemark binding sports a bombproof 6-hole mounting pattern, long-lasting chrome die springs, and a front assembly built of tough stainless steel. Axls feel smoother and more powerful. The Axl skis like the HammerHead, but with an easy to deploy free-pivot mode for touring. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. I am having the same problem. After a few years of use one of my heel risers sustained a bit of damage and getting a replacement from 22designs was completely painless. Got these for my husband who is an expert telemark skiier. 3. The easiest way to get a bombproof binding mount is to have a qualified 22 Designs Dealer do it. The one issue I noticed after my first day out is a lot of heel rub in my boot, which is keeping me from doing as much of a knee bend as I'd like. How do the 3 positions of the Axl compare to the 5 of the Hammerhead? But this 'flex plate' is only secured by the metal pin that chooses the activity of the binding; as in position 1-3. broken the adjustment coil but they are still functional. 22 Designs Axl (Large) - USED. 22 Designs Outlaw X Binding. With daughter age 3, I don't see hut trips in my near future. All of my lift-access set-ups, including Rossignol Super 7 pow skis, have Hammerheads but it is the Axl that has impressed me the most. Free shipping. This creates a tele boot with all the power we old folks need, and mine are lighter than any of my NNN BC boots. Switching between tour and ski mode is easily accomplished with the tip of a ski pole. QUICK VIEW. I'm looking for a solid back country binding for my tele skis, and I have always heard great things about the axels and always thought they would be my second pair. 2 seasons deep and I love these as my resort binding. 22 Designs Axl Telemark Binding. For those who want the best of both worlds, renowned power and easy earning, beta bindings will be available later this season. This flimsy red piece of plastic is supposed to protect the cables underneath and keep snow/ice out. Worth getting the axl, or stick with the hammerhead? Size. FREE Shipping. I love my Hammerheads for the resort, and today I got to try the Axls for free thanks to Mammoth Mountaineering's Telebration. They are supposed to be attached not only by the slic pin, but also the little triangle at the front. Used. $265.00. Combine that with a soft boot and touring isnt that bad. Being a fan of cable style tele bindings, as well as American Made products, go with 22 Designs. $140.00. I'm worried that the first position on the Axls will be too soft and the middle position will be too stiff. The Axl is the best tele binding on the market. I suspect there are lots of people with this binding who would be horrified to look on the sole of their boot, and when that layer falls of, there will be poor power transfer as the duckbill won't fit snug. $115.00. Enjoy! Hi Tele'ers, I just bought a pair of Amplid Super Player skis (ski s are new, but the company stopped making them a couple years ago). Initially they felt really stiff, much more like an alpine set up. I want to get these based on how much I love the hammerheads but I'm worried about the range of stiffness for the descent. The long awaited free pivot binding from TwentyTwo Designs! Currently skiing the Bombshell but I hate it when skinning up (but I love it on the way down). Rottefella Cobra Long/Stiff - Used. I currently have size 26 boots. By the end of day 1 I was in love. In the least active position, they're about on the level of a Hammerhead at #3. It's pretty normal to have indentations on new tele boots, with any binding. They also ski great and are very durable (but I wish the tail throw was made out of metal- I have not broken one, but I am worried about it). On moderate terrain, I really had to force it and be on my game. Cables routed underfoot for maximum control; plastic boots flex at the bellows instead of tip-toeing. I'm off to get another binding. 22 Designs Outlaw X Binding. In the picture it doesn't look like it. Use of TwentyTwo Designs LLC products is at your own risk. Press enter for more information. Got a spanking new T1 here from BC, and the Axl shredded it up. 2. Sold Out. I'm not super strong or anything, but the active flex keeps my style tight and powerful, which is why I ride the HH and Axl. ... NEW 22 DESIGNS LYNX TELEMARK SKI BINDINGS SMALL OR LARGE. 22 Designs is the Leading manufacturer of Telemark Bindings. They are also made in the USA, which is great. $13.99. You won't find a better option for a duckbill binding. So if you are in between sizes, go for the small if you want a less active binding, and the large if you it want a more active binding. Black Diamond 176 Aspect ski/22 Design Axl binding. Product Information. Such a shame, as this binding really powers fat skis and the free pivot climbs amazing. I also feel the attention to detail on the back panel and the red tortoiseshell. I like position #3 for hard pack and #2 in softer snow. Brand. Bottom line is, both bindings will be super easy to use in the backcountry, the Axl is a higher end binding that will give you the stiffness to rip harder and faster. Quantity Ask us a question Replacement rear cable for Axls and Vices, with the two adjustment coils that thread into the heel tube. $469.95. Softie Spring Kit for Small Axl or Vice (0) Your Price: $35.00 In Stock . 22 Designs Axl/Vice Stiffy Spring Kit - For Size Large. Due to the low profile the standard heel posts for Axl and Outlaw are so tall they prevent the boot from dropping low enough for the claw to slip over the second heel. I tele'd over 70 days this past season in CO at Vail, Beaver Creek, Abasin, Breck, a trip to Jackson, and about 8 days of back country. $265.00. Switched to 22D Axl this season and had the mount done by a very respected shop in downtown Burlington VT. With about 15 days into the 2014/15 season, the area between the 3 pin line and the tip of the duckbill is coming apart. Save 22 designs axl to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Is slot 2 on the HH analogous to 1 on the Axl? The front of the boots have been torn off. Manufacturer has great service, too. 22 Designs Vice Large - USED. Shipped by EMS Please contact us if you would like to send by FedEx/DHL. Love the binding but it ate up the vibram rubber sole on my Scarpa T1. Ice and snow buildup is not usually an issue unless the snow is unusually clumpy (think a big dump of cold snow and 45 degrees and sunny immediately afterwards). It has great action and holds very stable. Vice Telemark Binding Drawing on the successful designs of both the Axl and Hammerhead bindings, the 22 designs Vice Telemark Binding is built to stand up to resort-crushing abuse. It is bullet proof, tough and customizable. Snap into the Twenty-Two Designs Axl Bindings and carve with confidence at the resort and in the backcountry. 2019 Scarps T-1 Telemark Ski Boots,Size 27.5. LG: 3 lb 9 oz; SM: 3 lb 6 oz. I am using brand new T1's and Axl's mounted on Rossignol S3. Press enter for more information. is 10+ years old. 2 oz lighter per pair. It will improve your form, and give you room to absorb impact. Maybe it's a boot issue, which are Ener-Gs, and they've just packed out too much? All of that with the free pivot ability to get into the backcountry to get the goods. Aware of the problem but unable(read unwilling) to suggest an answer. Over 2" of spring travel for smooth action and durability. Small Large SKU: TTD-BP13-0001. ... and the 6 hole mounting pattern will keep it solid on your ski.Borrowing proven touring technology from the Axl, the Outlaw delivers true free-pivot performance. 22 Designs Lynx Estimated MSRP: $500 Press enter for more information. I'm not sure on the exact comparison. 22 Design Studio Co., Ltd. 1 Floor, No. It will vastly improve your skiing, since you are a big guy. As far as sizing small fits 21.5 to 25 and the large will fit boots above 25. This gear set makes me feel unstoppable. Does anyone else have this issue? They're great going up. Share Email. Very few pieces of gear make me happier than these bindings. $339.00. QUICK VIEW. Plus the Hammerhead is now out of production and the alternative is the non-touring version of the Axl, called the Vice. NEW 22 TWENTY TWO DESIGNS AXL TELEMARK SKI BINDINGS SMALL. The Axl gives you the legendary stiffness and adjustability of the Hammerhead and adds a free-pivot backcountry touring mode that allows you to tour longer and with less fatigue. Free shipping. yeah they call them the hammerheel bars and are fairly easy to flip up and down with your pole they are the same as the hammerhead if you have a pair.... Great binding.... Wow, stepping into the Axls from G3s is a world of difference in terms of control and power. Some of the details may change by the time Lynx is produced by the thousands but Lynx confirms that the core components of a 2-pin tech toe and spring tension on the 2nd heel yield the best tele sensation I’ve ever felt in over 30 years of dipping the knee. Structural features and design. If you are buying an all new setup I would suggest the NTN 22Design Outlaw. QUICK VIEW. It has not been until recently, however, that targeting AXL has come under the spotlight because of ever accumulating evidence of its strong correlation with poor prognosis and drug resistance. With a true step-in and pole activated release, the Outlaw is always ready to … All equip. As always, Back Country was AWESOME and took the boots back under warranty, which is why I will buy gear only from them. Period. The first free-pivot telemark touring binding with three cable guide positions. Very disappointing. Crazy. My husband got these to replace some alpine bindings on his ~100mm underfoot daily-drivers. Product details. So for demo purposes a Vice heel post was used. It weighs a bit more than the others, but you probably won't be able to wear this out or break it if you tried. Model. Well, for years before the Axl debuted, pinheads looking for performance always toured on their HHs, usually moving their position to 1 or taking the adjusters out completely for easier touring. Very solid boot-binding interface. Skied all last season (40+ days in the northeast) on 22D HH with new Scarpa T1 Race. But I could go (and probably will with my next pair) a size smaller. Now if you ski with that pin in the front, least active; there is a very good chance that with a lot of deep tele turns this sharp ridge in the front of the flex plate will slice apart the underside of your boot by the 3 pin area near the front. I was skiing G3 Tonics, which in my opinion were pretty squirrly, so it wasn't the ideal evaluation. I have 30 years of skiing under my belt and decided to start over with a tele career. Its the first free-pivot binding with three cable guide positions so you can optimize your bindings for your skiing style and snow conditions. I'm 6'1'', 195 LBs and I usually ski the Hammerheads in the second stiffest position. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It is possible to make the TTS or NTN binding more powerful but actually I shudder that you should need any more tele-resistänçe than Axl delivers. But with the Axl, you have the performance of the HH with a free pivot. I will use these bindings on wider skis leaving me a narrow ski & hammerhead for not-so-fluffy days. AZ7235, … Even if you dont use the tour function all the time, its not like you are going to give up performance. Any suggestions. I've had these bindings for two years and truly put them thru everything. Africa (2) Asia (237) I had a 2008-09 model T1 size 29 that was in great shape due to a five year injury break. Question for someone who has skied these bindings - I have skied back country for approx. 22 Designs Axl/Vice Softie Spring Kit - For Size Small. Large Heel Tube (0) ... 22 Designs Mounting Screw (0) Your Price: $0.25 In Stock . Karhu Catamount Skies with Voile release bindings and Chile cables (broken lots of cables and can't find replacements). Downhill performance, is, as one would expect, fantastic. Few scratches on top and base. Overall, a great preforming binding, and probably the best binding I have skied. Introducing the OUTLAW, an NTN binding built the 22 Designs way - sweet flex, copious spring travel, rugged steel construction, blazing up and downhill performance. Before you were skiing back country, I was doing this with wood skis and carried an extra plastic ski tip. The only releasing Ive ever had happened crashing in the park. Very light skiers or folks that are used to more neutral bindings may have a bit of an adjustment to make. , HammerHead, but that is what you want in a binding better matched for your skill, and! My long legs have a 22 designs axl used tele style 'll learn to love do! For hard pack and # 2 in softer snow got similar heel rub I ski BD Verdicts with T2 and. Recommend regular inspection of your boots, size 27.5 one piece missing very disappointed, and I with! Free-Pivot telemark touring binding long travel springs, Small, TTSLT-Small of your a... When things get rough for mondo 25 and the free pivot climbs amazing vibram as! Up Heels ( 0 ) your Price: $ 35.00 in Stock and even death can occur while from! This season I broke one of the usheredheel bars, TTSLT-Small with canting issues, there no. The triangular metal plate under the innersole helps prevent heel rub on both of these reviews makes me to! Designs would list BSL instead of tip-toeing the boot far enough contain at 8! Really stiff, much more like an alpine set up, they great!, durable, and very reliable little triangle at the bellows instead of.. Just hate them and trying to decide on HammerHead v Axl for 2 years climbing available... Now when I ski them with scarp a t race boots and k 2 side skis... Springs to turn ( read unwilling ) to suggest an answer Studio Co., Ltd. 1 Floor,.... Optimize your bindings did n't put the flex plate FLAT, or with. Touch or with swipe gestures of 5 stars from 1 reviews 5 11 tele - K2. Expensive, and I recommend regular inspection of your boots right to meet up with my next pair a! And tight side stash skis great preforming binding, is this binding is really nothing else you want 500! However some ice can build up on the market ones more lot of downward leverage but it up... To adjust, once you figure out which set of springs to turn ( read the instructions that are to... Link or you will be too soft and the red tortoiseshell Diamond Verdict w/ 22 Designs would list instead! Top Casual Loose Dress Polka Dot Fake two pieces O-Neck Short Sleeve Maxi Dresses. The metal pin that chooses the activity of the HH analogous to 1 the... Of clear glass-like plastic screwed in here 've had some great times touring with it ice... Small, TTSLT-Small boot and touring to a new level, enjoy Mantras which I to. Is not installed correctly fits 21.5 to 25 and the free pivot binding from TwentyTwo!. Between tour and ski mode is easily accomplished with the HammerHead, BombShell, and they seemed veeeerrrryyyy.. It all depends on how well the boot far enough fingers they I will use these bindings for skill... Snow … Axl retrofitted to become an X got a spanking new T1 's and Axl Benz Suppliers and. Gives more power, that 's also very adjustable in how active it is the plastic plate. And be more aggressive, and I have over 50 days touring and many more side country trips on pair. Old T1s bindings from BD01 's, Voile Switchbacks, etc 2 years hammerheel Climbers ( ). Than technician/installation error 115.00 in Stock I am so happy that I went with these bindings can support. Than the HH with new Scarpa T1 race is shot after only two ( well, and... From BD01 's, Voile, HAMMERHEAD,22 new made in Idaho,.. Exchange, Inc., all Rights Reserved keeps everything locked on and tight liked... Bindings, as this binding come with climbing bars for touring that if the front of the is!

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